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Music Monday 2010 Press Release

May 3, 2010

700,000 students across Canada unite in song on Music Monday
Sixth annual simultaneous performance underscores importance of music education

TORONTO, May 3, 2010 – More than 700,000 students from over 2,000 schools in every province and territory across Canada are today celebrating the sixth annual Music Monday – a nation-wide, simultaneous concert to celebrate the importance of music in our lives – and especially in our schools.  Students and teachers from coast-to-coast will take their music programs outdoors into their communities and perform the same song at the exact same time, uniting the entire country.

For the second year, the theme song for Music Monday is “Sing Sing,” written by multi Juno-award winning Canadian artist, Serena Ryder.

New this year is the Music Monday Showcase Concert that will be held in downtown Vancouver as a symbol for the hundreds of celebrations taking place in communities across the country. Also new is a partnership with Ticketmaster Canada who have donated $40,000 in cash and in-kind support. In addition to sponsoring the Music Monday Showcase Concert, Ticketmaster will award 10 participating Music Monday schools from across the country with $2,500 to support their music program.

“We are honoured to be partnering with the Coalition for Music Education in Canada – a valued national organization committed to ensuring quality school music programs,” said Ticketmaster Canada COO, Tom Worrall.  “Ticketmaster recognizes the importance of keeping music education alive for our young people, and we are proud to be supporting Music Monday.”

Music Monday was created by the Coalition for Music Education in Canada in 2005 to celebrate the importance of music in our schools. The nation-wide celebration highlights the need to protect and enhance quality music programs for every child in Canadian schools. Music Monday is fast becoming a global phenomenon as the event is now being celebrated in Australia and across the United States.

“Music education is a powerful tool for engagement, harmony, creativity and achievement in young people,” says Coalition for Music Education in Canada Executive Director, Ingrid Whyte. “The schools participating in Music Monday are among the fortunate, as most of them have music programs. Unfortunately, many students across Canada don’t have music programs in their schools due to funding cutbacks and lack of resources.”

Music Monday is celebrated on the first Monday of May each year at 10 a.m. Pacific time, 11 a.m. Mountain time, 12 p.m. Central time, 1 p.m. Eastern time, 2 p.m. Atlantic time and 2:30 p.m. in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“The benefits of music education go far beyond the classroom – music fosters imagination, creativity, discipline and achievement in our young people,” says Whyte. “The skills they learn through music and the arts in our classrooms today will help develop skills in an economy that is increasingly dependent on creativity.”

About the Coalition for Music Education in Canada
The Coalition for Music Education in Canada advocates for the contribution that music education makes in the lives of all Canadians. We believe that music is key – in learning and in life.  It is our goal is to see that all children have a quality program in music through their schools.  For more information and resources in support of quality music education, please visit our website at:

– 30 –

Visit for a complete listing of Music Monday events in your local area.

To arrange interviews or for more information, please contact:

Jason Squire / Beatrice Bastedo
TRILLIUM Corporate Communications Inc.
416-322-3030 ext 227 / 231 /

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  1. May 6, 2010 11:38 pm

    Hi! Just wanna say I like your posting.
    I think it’s interesting..
    Surely, i will read your next postings.Keep up the good work!!

    a.e. (“,)

  2. August 5, 2010 9:27 am

    Music education in the schools needs a lot of public support and is a great idea. In St. Thomas, Ontario the Rotary Club of St. Thomas sponsors and manages the annual Music Festival. However, we find that to continue this Festival, the school system needs to see it as a dynamic player in music education and participate with its choirs and bands. How can we integrate the Festival concept – or is it outdated?

    • Mary Ann Fratia permalink
      August 10, 2010 1:07 pm

      HI Elaine: I just read your request and I think there may be a few ways to breath life back into the music festival that is sponsored in your town. One suggestion might be to erhaps ask the sponsors to set up the Festival a week before Music Monday – with specific outstanding festival entries being asked to perform at the Gala Festival evening on the evening of Music Monday – Monday, May 2, 2010. Throughout the festival week there can be constant mention of Music Monday festivities for the evening Gala concert, and the meaning of Music Monday and the Coalition for Music Education. Perhaps one of the festival requirements could be to have one of the performed pieces be the Music Monday theme song, as it will be arranged for many different ensemble groupings. I don’t the the festival idea is outdated at all. I think perhaps it just needs to breath life back into it by helping to shape its future and association with Music Monday – and the celebration of quality music educaiton for all students. Be sure to do lots of advertising, hire strong and fairly well-known adjudicators, make it a worthwhile and overall strong musical experience for all students and teachers. Perhaps even have a music teachers’ social one evening, or a musis teacher workshop included with the price of festival submission. I hope these suggestions help. Regards.

  3. August 6, 2010 7:42 am

    Great question, Elaine. I’m going to ask a couple of our board members to leave a comment here and see what ideas thy can share. It’s so importnat that schools are seen as part of the community and festivals are a great wat to involve the public and have them appreciate what music does for our kids. The more the public is engaged, the stronger school music programs will ultimately be.

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